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Are hedgehogs native to Britain?

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Origin & Distribution: Native. The hedgehog is common in parks, gardens and farmland throughout mainland Britain and Ireland. It has also been introduced to many islands including Orkney, Shetland, Isle of Man and some of the Channel Islands.

When were hedgehogs introduced to UK?

Hedgehogs were introduced to the North Island in the 1890s, but some were also transported from South Island between 1906 and 1911 and, from then on, their numbers increased at an exponential rate.

Where do hedgehogs come from originally?

Sources suggest that wild hedgehogs are originally from Africa, Europe, Asia, and New Zealand.

Where are hedgehogs found naturally?

Where do hedgehogs live? They inhabit a wide range across a variety of climates and terrains in East Africa, West Africa, and Central Africa. They must have dry shelters on well-drained soil and a good supply of ground-dwelling insects and other invertebrates.

Are hedgehogs rare in England?

Across their range, hedgehogs are generally very common, and are classified as Least Concern on the International Red List of Threatened Species. However, the situation is not the same in Britain. Though they remain widely distributed across the country, hedgehogs have been in decline for some time.

Are hedgehogs native to Britain?

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