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Can a pet break a relationship?

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Con: They Can Make Breakups Rockier “Couples who break up and don't want to continue any kind of relationship may not want the pet at all — often due to the pet reminding them of their former significant other — or may argue over who gets to keep the pet,” she said. 2 окт. 2018 г.

Can a pet cause a breakup?

Pets Can Over-Complicate A Breakup So according to Berger, the key here is to set boundaries early on. "Nobody wants to think about the end of their relationship when things are going well," she says.

Can pets ruin relationship?

Some experts say it's becoming more common for couples to bicker over their pets, and in some cases, these "pet peeves" can lead to separation or even divorce. But at least one psychologist says fights about pets could be masking deeper relationship issues.

Can a dog be a deal breaker in a relationship?

But according to a surprising study by Woodstream, pets can sabotage relationships, too. Whether you have a dog, a cat, or a pet that's a little more exotic, these are the deal-breakers and turnoffs that could scare off potential partners.

Can a dog hurt a relationship?

While the first ways a dog could be affecting your love life are rather direct, this one can affect it completely indirectly. Your dog is ruining your relationship by affecting your sleep quality by sleeping next to you and moving a lot, or by barking during the night and interrupting your sleep.

Can a pet break a relationship?

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