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Can a terrier get along with a cat?

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While Terriers are not typically compatible with cats, we can make an exception for this gentleman: the Boston Terrier, or “Boston.” Although Bostons may engage in chasing the cat, this is usually out of fun, not prey drive. The good-tempered Boston Terrier is polite to kitties as well as other animals.

How do you introduce a terrier to a cat?

How to introduce a dog and cat1Getting started. Make sure the cat has access to a dog-free sanctuary at all times. ... 2Keep the pets separate at first. ... 3Feed them on opposite sides of a closed door. ... 4Teach basic commands. ... 5Begin face-to-face meetings. ... 6Repeat sessions daily. ... 7Allow pets loose together. ... 8Proceed with caution.How to introduce a dog and cat | Animal Humane Society

What breed of dog gets along best with cats?

21 Dogs That Get Along with CatsBasset hound. Aside from their penchant for howling—ahem, melodious merrymaking—the Basset hound, with its long, floppy ears, is about as mellow as you can get. ... Beagle. ... Bulldog. ... Cavalier King Charles spaniel. ... Collie. ... Irish setter. ... Golden retriever. ... Poodle.21 Dogs That Get Along with Cats - Reader's Digest

Can Irish terriers live with cats?

Potential animal aggression. Most Irish Terriers are dominant or aggressive toward other dogs. Most have strong instincts to chase and seize small fleeing creatures. This can make for conflict if you own a cat. It may be much worse than that if you own a pet rabbit or hamster!

Why do terriers chase cats?

Dogs chase cats because they have a strong chase instinct and that movement can trigger this instinct.

Can a terrier get along with a cat?

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