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Can breech babies have hip issues?

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Breech position: Babies whose bottoms are below their heads while their mother is pregnant with them often end up with one or both legs extended in a partially straight position rather than folded in a fetal position. Unfortunately, this position can prevent a developing baby's hip socket from developing properly.

How often do breech babies have hip problems?

Breech presentation is an important risk factor for developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH), with breech newborns having an estimated incidence of neonatal hip instability ranging from 12% to 24%.

Do breech babies always have hip dysplasia?

For those patients with an initially normal clinical examination and screening ultrasound, we found that 29% were considered to be dysplastic based on plain radiographs and clinical abduction. Other studies have reported frequencies of neonatal hip instability in breech newborns from 12 to 24% [9–13].

Can being birth breech cause hip dysplasia?

Breech birth A breech-birth child is 10 times more likely to develop hip dysplasia than a child born headfirst.

How do you prevent hip dysplasia in breech babies?

To safely swaddle your little one, avoid straightening and then tightly wrapping baby's legs. This can cause the hip to dislocate or lead to hip dysplasia. Instead, make sure baby's legs can bend up and out at the hips once she's swaddled.

Can breech babies have hip issues?

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