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Do they speak Dari in Afghanistan?

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About half the population of Afghanistan speaks Dari. It is the primary language of the Tadzhik, Hạzāra, and Chahar Aimak peoples. Dari, rather than Pashto, serves as the means of communication between speakers of different languages in Afghanistan.

Who speaks Dari in Afghanistan?

Dari is the lingua franca in Afghanistan, where it is the native tongue of ethnic Tajiks, Hazaras, and Aimaqs as well as being spoken by Pashtuns in and around the capital, Kabul. Many educated Afghans are bilingual, speaking both Dari and Pashto, the country's other official language.

Do Afghans speak both Dari and Pashto?

Official Languages of Afghanistan Afghanistan has two official and widely spoken languages: Dari, also known as Afghan Persian, and Pashto.

Do the Taliban speak Dari or Pashto?

What language is spoken by the Taliban? While Dari was promoted by the Afghan Government in 1964 and the ally backed Government more recently, it is Pashto that the Taliban primarily speak. During their rule between 1996 and 2001, the Taliban forced Pashto on non-Pashto speakers, rewriting textbooks and signs.

What countries use Dari?

Dari and Pashto are the two official languages of Afghanistan. Dari is often spoken as a lingua franca by those whose mother tongue is one of the minority Afghan languages. Dari is also spoken in Iran, Pakistan, Tajikistan and other neighboring countries.

Do they speak Dari in Afghanistan?

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