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How much should a landlord limit the weight of a dog?

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Usually, renters are met with a weight limit of 20 – 50 pounds. This immediately limits most of the bigger size dogs from the commonly banned list above. 4 дек. 2017 г.

Why is there a weight limit on dogs?

One of the most common restrictions placed on dogs is weight limits. Usually, building owners are concerned about damage the dogs could do coming in and out of entryways, Feldman said. ... Using weight restrictions is also a way to get around using the term "aggressive breeds."

How do you get around pet restrictions?

1Rent from Private Owners Instead of a Company. It is generally easier to rent from a private owner instead of a rental company since the latter usually have stricter policies with pets. ... 2Get Pet Insurance. ... 3Offer a Pet Deposit. ... 4Create a “Resume” for Your Dog. ... 5Register Your Pet as an Emotional Support Dog.How to Get Around Breed Restrictions when Renting | Rentalpaca

How much should a landlord limit the weight of a dog?

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