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Is the Speed Force indestructible?

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Speed force is an extra-dimensional energy that once powered all of the Flash's superhuman abilities. It provide multiple abilities to the speedster:.Is the “Speed Force” the most over-powered concept in comic books?Has any one ever tried to destroy the Speed Force? How? - QuoraIs the artificial speed force destroyed? - QuoraCan Superman absorb the speed force energy out of The Flash?Другие результаты с сайта www.quora.com

Can you destroy the Speed Force?

Powers vary throughout each Speed Force users. If the Speed Force ever became destabilized, the repercussions could potentially destroy the Omniverse. Speed Force conduits have one main ability above all else.

Does the Speed Force protect you?

Speed Force aura: Users of the Speed Force can build up a protective aura over time. This ability allows speedsters to withstand large amounts of gravimetric force and protects the environment from the harm caused by high-speed travel.

Is the Speed Force the strongest?

1 The Speed Force: The Power Of Lightning Someone with the Speed Force can move much faster than anyone else, with the most powerful being able to move faster than the speed of light. It also makes their thinking faster and allows them to heal faster as well.

Can the artificial Speed Force be destroyed?

While Barry continued to work on the machine, he talked with Allegra Garcia when Godspeed attacked them. ... After Barry saw what his new speed thinking ability had done to him, because of what he did to his friends, he threw a lightning bolt at the machine to destroy it, destroying the artificial Speed Force.

Is the Speed Force indestructible?

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