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What are the injuries inflicted by animals?

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Animal inflicted injuries to the face and neck are becoming much more common as people lavish affection on pets. Injuries caused by animal attacks to the face can cause complex injuries to soft and hard tissues, presented as perforations, lacerations, crushes, avulsion or fractures. 23 мая 2016 г.

What are the most common injuries from animals?

Dog-bites (61.1%) were the most common injuries. Musculoskeletal (71.7%) region was the most frequent body region injured. Soft tissue injuries (92.5%) and fractures (49.1%) were the most common type of injuries sustained.

How do animals get injured?

Accidents. Animals living in the wild are subject to injuries in their everyday lives. Many accidents result from falls, collapsed dens or burrows,2 collisions, or getting stuck.

What is the most common injury when working with livestock?

Some of the most common injuries include being stepped on by large animals, being knocked down , kicked, thrown while riding, or pinned between the animal and a hard surface. Many injuries also occur each year from bites.

How many injuries are caused by dogs?

Based on 7,456 cases recorded in NEISS-AIP, an estimated average of 86,629 fall injuries associated with cats and dogs occurred in the United States each year during 2001--2006, for an average annual injury rate of 29.7 per 100,000 population (Table 1).

What are the injuries inflicted by animals?

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