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Why does my cats back go up when I pet her?

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The most likely reason your cat raises its butt when you scratch the base of its tail is that it enjoys it. Raising the butt can help bring the nerves closer to the surface, making the target easier to hit. Cats also tend to stand still when they do this, so you don't need to chase after them. 10 апр. 2022 г.

Why does my cat put her back up when I pet her?

When you stroke your cat down her back does she suddenly go into elevator butt position lowering her front end and raising up her hind quarters? If so, that's a very common position meant as a friendly gesture and an invitation to continue scratching or petting her in that location.

Why does my cats tail go up when I pet her back?

You can think of that crook as a question mark. It may also mean she wants to play or is seeking connection time with you. A cat who is holding her bristling tail straight up is indicating that she is agitated, angry, or afraid.

What does it mean when cats raise their backs?

Cats arch their backs when they are afraid, when they play and when they just need a good stretch. The cat's back is very flexible, making it capable of curving it into a fairly tight arch, especially when compared with dogs.

Why does my cats back go up when I pet her?

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