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Will Rspca take my cats?

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If your local RSPCA branch can't help, other charities are often able to. There are many organisations that can help you rehome your dog or cat. They all have .

What to do with a cat you can't keep?

If you still can't keep your cat The next best option is to surrender your cat to the local council, an animal shelter or rescue organisation. This decision should not be taken lightly. Staff at pounds and shelters do their best to rehouse cats, and do find homes for many of them.

What can I do with an unwanted cat UK?

If you find an injured stray or feral cat and they're approachable, please confine them and take them to a vet, if possible. If this is not possible, please get in contact with us on 0300 1234 999.

How can I get rid of my cat?

Surrendering your pet to a shelter If you are not able to find a home on your own, surrendering your pet to a humane society, animal rescue, or municipal animal shelter is a viable option. In fact, many adoption contracts require you to return pets to them rather than have you rehome on your own.

What to do with a pet you can't keep?

What To Do If You Can't Care For a Pet1Ask family members for assistance. Family members are often happy to dive in and help you care for your animals at home. ... 2Call a pet sitting service. ... 3Seek the services of a caregiver. ... 4Consider putting your pet up for adoption.What To Do When You Can't Take Care of Your Pet Anymore

Will Rspca take my cats?

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